There’s a lot of dog poop, but even the pelicans pigeons are more elegant here.

Paris, Park Bench

After touching down at Charles de Gaulle, my plane was taxiing over a highway and the first thing I saw was a truck hauling dirt. “Ah,” I thought to myself, “France is really no different than the States.”

While it might have been naivete, it was probably more wishful thinking: Taking a long trip to places where you speak none of the native languages, you (or me, really) immediately start searching for some common ground. While I have found a little to grasp onto, the most awesome difference is in the illustrious field of Paris park bench design.

If any city in the U.S. encouraged public reclination and relaxation as much as this simple gesture does, then I’m sure our cities would be much more vibrant, happy things.

Minor details: