Jo/Neen: Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Alternate titles for this entry are as follows:

  • I never knew a map could be to a 1:1 scale (Luxembourg, you are wee!)
  • Every child sounds like Ralph Wiggum here.
  • “Luxembourg is rich, BIATCH!”
  • They park dirty Ferrari and Lotus cars on the street.
  • Land of the most amazing postcards!
  • “Yes: We voted to keep Luxembourg a monarchy.”
  • In Luxembourg, the bus drivers net 40,000 Euros per year
  • Before Laguna Beach, there was Luxembourg.
  • If you are in any sort of banking or finance field, there is a job waiting for you in Luxembourg.
  • Why don’t more people live here?
  • You like castles? You like dramatic views? What about sweet rivers and ravines?

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