Brief cities

Dear The Following Cities,

Sorry to disrespect you by just devoting a few words to your municipality. If it´s any consolation, not too many people read this besides my family.

I wish you the best in the future!

M.E. Wachs

ALICANTE, SPAIN – While I meant to rest my feet on the beach here, I kept getting lost in a Bermuda Triangle of zapaterias because I didn´t have a map. Alicante has the same urban bouillion as San Diego, but I´d rather live in the California version due to restaurant selection. Would´ve been pretty boring if not for new friends who study there. Watched part of Rio Bravo, dubbed, in my pensión. Total beach time: 1.5 hours.

LAGOS, PORTUGAL - On the Algarve Coast which, while beautiful, was too cold to really dive head long into. Got a weird vibe from the locals (a woman harangued me to stay in her pensión as I came off the bus and she looked exactly like the teacher who frightens her students by becoming the evil other teacher. Don´t be coy, you know what children´s book I´m talking about, I´m sure.) The city is built on tourism (annoying) but still very affordable ($8 hostel by the beach…sweet.) The bar I went to had photos of patron´s bosoms on the wall and featured a sad laser pointer scribbling on the wall. The Australian bartender/hostel worker was acutely aware of his place in the world and by saying the reason that he bedded so many hostellers was because, “you know, I´m the token Australian guy.”

COIMBRA, PORTUGAL - Nicer than I expected, still not too much to do, though–especially when all the local college kids are on Spring Break. The botanical gardens looked great but were closed on Sundays. The river and park that parallels it were pleasant enough. I think I got one good tarta nata and one bad, so it´s hard to make blanket statements about the city´s pastry selection. As a sidenote, I became pretty enamored with Portuguese sweets during my stay in the country. A DJ at a café I went to played The Black Keys, which was nice.

Minor details: