A poo-poo platter of Portuguese typography.

As I was walking around Lisboa I came across a part of the sidewalk which had been inlaid with black bricks spelling out “Sociedade Nacional de Tipografia”. I checked inside and the building now housed a national administrative agency of some sort, but it got me thinking.

I started noticing that the typography in Portugal was unusually great and did not rely solely on the Microsoft library for signage. Some examples from (presumably) the era when the Sociedade still existed are presented below. All but the first four are from Porto.

Bring back national type societies!

Outside the Sociedade Nacional de Tipografia building in Lisboa.

A storefront in Lisboa.

Awesome shoe store in Lisboa.

A Coimbra horticulture store.

Beautiful Porto

Store in Porto

Pharmacy in Porto.

Theater in Porto.

At night in Porto

Great neon and art deco is Porto.

Oh stop it Porto!

Beautiful type, beautiful pastries.



This looks better at night.

There were many more great samples, but people start looking at you sort of funny, so I restrained from taking pictures of every single storefront.

Minor details: