And the apathetic shall rise!

I do not love David Stern

If you’ve followed my foray into chronicling the past couple of months, I apologize for not wrapping up loose ends and/or sharing about my last week or so. Pictures and posts will be forthcoming, promise.

But there are more pressing matters, let us address them: The NBA has managed to make furious not only fans worldwide but also the entire–and previously overwhelmingly apathetic–population of Metropolitan Phoenix. Sure, I wish Arizonans would get equally passionate about political or development issues, but small steps. Plus, I can’t think of anything besides the Suns and playoffs right now either–who am I to judge?

If you would like to show your solidarity for sanity, feel free to print out the iron-on PDF version of the above graphic.

I will be going to tonight’s game and am re-energized, so expect a follow up.

Minor details: